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T-Shirt Design Ideas for Tertiary Schools

Aug 10

Tertiary Schools T-Shirt Design Ideas

The school environment is a picture of education and students, books and science labs. Alongside education, students must also think about what they are wearing. Uniforms for school are fashionable for a long time , and provide many benefits, such as lower cost, a concentrated education, and improved discipline. However, students in high school tend to prefer informal clothing since they look stylish and comfortable. The rise of customized printing technology has allowed customers to customize their clothing in accordance with their preferences as well as a customized school tshirts as the top-rated merchandise.

We have also made a list of highly-rated customized t-shirt designs for students in high school which you could find appealing!

Puma Spirit Emblem

The Puma Spirit Emblem design is a powerful symbol of energy. It features a dual-toned depiction of a puma, surrounded by your school's name. The font and the colouring of the letters have a soft style, which accentuates the style. The addition of details like the school year or student name can alter the style.

Paw Respect

"The Paw Respect features a striking Paw print that is accompanied by the school's name. The design is surrounded by three words "Be Respectful," "Be Responsible," and "Be Safe." These words reinforce the principles of the school and promote an understanding of brotherhood between students.

Athletic Dome

The main focus on this Athletic Dome design is your school spirit. The design is displayed with vibrant, vivid colors and highlights the school's name and school's logo in an arch-like formation. The main focus for the theme is your school's spirit, which makes this the perfect one to highlight the spirit of the school.

Tenacious Bulldogs

The classic tenacious Bulldogs design is among the most sought-after sports t-shirt designs for schools and is usually used for football games. The shirt's design can be customized and is suitable for putting your school's or football team's name on the design. The shirt will provide the players with an esprit de corps while playing in the sport.

Trending Art

While trending art can trace its beginnings back through the 1970s it's extremely loved. It has many of the striking colors and styles with many options to select from. Students can learn from comics or sculptures, media icons and more and put the image on their tees.

Fearless Cougar

This style features a vibrant and bold design that features an outline of shields that bears the cougar's impression. The design is available in two different versions. The text and numbers could be placed at the top or bottom in the initial version, while in the second the alphabets are displayed inside the shield. This style is stylish and is a great way to enhance the sporting spirit.

Retro Vibes

Retro Vibe Design is perfect for people who love the styles, trends and fashions of the 1980s and 90s. The school's name and its spirit are displayed in vibrant, bright letters and make the design attractive. The retro style of design can not be taken off the market!

Inspired by Nature T Shirt Design

Nature can be peaceful and has a soothing impression on us. In the same way, nature is brimming with a variety of vibrant colors, shapes and patterns. Therefore, why not take the inspiration of nature to design customized school t-shirts? There are numerous themes of nature that you can choose from such as jungles, mountains and animals, trees, plants, flowers, etc.

Superheroes theme Design T-shirt 

The cartoon superheroes have a huge appeal for children in the younger grades There is an immense fan following for superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. Students will love wearing their favorite superheroes' t-shirts while attending school.

Back to Basic

There is something incredibly appealing in the minimalist design. It's elegant and simple and features sleek lines, simple forms and a monochromatic color palette. Simple designs on tees will keep students stylish and add a distinctive look to their outfits.

Complex Sci-Fi

Sci-fi is yet another style of design that has great acclaim with young. The designs on t-shirts typically includes images and designs that relate to extraterrestrials, space dystopias, utopias, and dystopias. Because of the huge popularity of technology among students it is ideal for this design to highlight their interest in sci-fi.


The technology of custom t-shirt printing has many benefits, with among them is the capability to customize t-shirts. Thus, students of high school who like casual attire should test one of the previously mentioned designs to feel at ease and look presentable.

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