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Questions to ask a T-shirt Supplier prior to ordering your custom class T-shirts

Aug 12

A Few Questions to ask a printing Supplier prior to ordering your custom class T-shirts

Before you start printing t-shirts or other clothing Have you thought about the questions you could be asking in order to avoid any negative experiences? If not, or don't know what the most important questions to ask, worry not. Here's a quick overview of the most important questions to ask carefully put together.


1.What Printing Method is available based on my artwork ? 

There are a variety of printing techniques for t-shirts available including silkscreen printing dye sublimation vinyl transfer and more. Each printing method is distinctive and has their own advantages and disadvantages and can be used to meet the specific specifications you'll have. Once you have contacted your printing company to give you an overview of the choices, choose one that's best suited to your needs in terms of quantity and budget. Some companies specialize in particular techniques, so consult together with them to learn more and then make your option.


2.Are there any other cost beside t-shirt and printing cost?

Sometimes, the initial prices the printing company offers you might not disclose hidden charges. They could only be revealed after you've done business with them in the close of the transaction. To avoid an unpleasant scenario in which you're "surprised" with a bigger cost than you expected, be sure that any hidden charges that may be incurred are disclosed to you. Request your service provider to clarify the breakdown of costs at the beginning before you agree to transfer your funds. Be sure to inquire about setup costs as well as the costs associated with the case of, for example, changes to your layout, colour or font. Certain businesses may charge you for changes to your design, colour or font. The shipping and handling charges could be a factor and could cost you a significant amount.


3.What Is the Turnaround Time upon order confirmation?

If you're trying to get your design printed, whatever reason it is important to be aware of the duration required to finish your order. Certain companies might be quicker and vice versa in processing orders, and obviously depends on your requirements for your order. If you're in a hurry to run out of time, it is sensible to pick a business that's more efficient and not sacrificing quality of their service over one that's slow.


4.What Type of artwork file variations Are Accepted?

It is not a good idea to choose one print service only to find out that they will not take a certain type of file that you send them. It's an unnecessary the time or effort. Therefore, be sure you are aware of what's acceptable and what's not. It is good to know that many print companies will accept a wide variety of file formats as that they are of a size and resolution that are acceptable. Certain providers might have specific preferences for specific printing techniques and formats, so be sure to inquire!


5.What Ink Type Is Used in screen printing?

The type of ink you use can cause variations in the outcome of your prints! Inks are generally classified in two categories which are water-based and the plastisol. Like its name implies, the word "plastisol" is derived from its properties as a polymer-based ink. The water-based inks are made by mixing pigments and water together or dye. These inks can be used for different purposes such as t-shirt materials, colour and price.