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Will Lash Extensions Damage Natural Eyelashes?

Oct 14

The most common misconception is that eyelash extensions San Jose would damage your natural switches. It's a myth, but you have to go to a professional beauty expert to do it for you. Lash extensions are inoffensive and don't damage the protection of your natural switches if applied rightly. 
 It's essential not to rub your eyes or haul or pull on the extensions after the lash extension operation. else, it'll affect lash loss and, indeed, damage your natural switches. switches would not fall out if they're applied rightly to each lash.

What Happens If the Cohere From whip Extensions Get In Your Eyes?

No cement can ever get into your eye since you have to close your eyes the whole time as the beautician adds the lash extensions. Also, the cement doesn't contain anything dangerous to your eyes, similar to formaldehyde. 

It’s also pivotal to distinguishing between an antipathetic response and an infection. While a professional would have everything sanitized to avoid anything that can beget an infection. You may feel bothered occasionally if you're antipathetic to the cement. But it doesn't mean that the cement is poisonous.

Do Lash Extensions Fall Out?

Each eyelash extension in San Jose is attached to a single eyelash, so anticipate it to fall out naturally with the lash’s normal growth period. It's the reason why you need to retouch every three or four weeks. 
When a neophyte applies switches, he or she'll occasionally apply one synthetic makeup to three to four natural switches. But it's wrong to do as it may clump or break the lash, leading to falling out.

Picking at your switches or trying to take them out yourself will beget them to fall out as well, which is a major no-no. still, if you ignore or avoid doing those two, your switches should be fine for a long time with regular retouching. 


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