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Dry fit custom shirts

Nov 9

Dri Fit Custom Shirts Vs Cotton

T-shirt customization and printing are often referred to as "Dri Fit Custom Shirts or Cotton Polo T shirt Printing" or "Dri Fit OR Cotton T-Shirt", depending on which one you prefer.

Both can be customized printing, but the key to comfort is in choosing which one.
We have listed the main differences between Dry Fit Custom shirts and Cotton Polo T Shirt  to help you decide which one to choose.


Cotton is the most commonly used fabric we come in contact with every day. Chances are that you have a cotton-based item in your wardrobe today. Eg. Polo T shirt ,Hoodies, T-Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Jackets or Jackets

- Natural fibre, great for sensitive skiers and suitable for all.

- Cotton is soft and easy to handle. It doesn't stick to the body.

- Great at absorbing moisture

Excellent in breathability

- Easily damaged by frequent washing/drying
- Neckline/T-shirt shape/deformation
- Tend not to wrinkle
- You will need to iron
Drying takes longer
- Shrinking is a Prone

Care for printed cotton t-shirts The following are our recommendations:

Bleach not
Don't tumble dry
Before washing, turn the t-shirt inside-out
Wash your clothes with cold water and not high-temperature water.
Wash & Iron Inside Out
Do Not Iron Over Printing


Why choose a Cotton Polo T-shirt?

Cotton is a great choice if you plan to wear it indoors. For example, in an air-conditioned environment (shopping centers, offices, schools, etc.). Because it's suitable for Singapore weather, T-shirts are a common staple in people's wardrobes.

There are different weights for cotton material. GSM is a measure of how thick or heavy a material is. A material with a higher GSM could be considered smoother, more comfortable or softer. It can also mean that the material is more hot. It is important to find the right balance, depending on the purpose of your shirt.

Did you know there are many types of cotton? Check out the terminology we shared previously.

Aquaholic Gifts stocks a wide range of cotton in various colours and types on its cotton catalog. These can be customized with Digital and Vinyl Heat Transfer or Silkscreen Printing, and/or embroidery.


Dri Fit (Polyester).

Polyester is another popular fabric for T-shirts. Many of us have at least one Dri Fit T shirt in our wardrobe that we use for running, cycling, or yoga. Polyester, unlike Cotton, is synthetic and can contain other types or chemicals.


Dri Fit is made of Microfiber polyester fiber material. Dri Fit's key feature is its moisture-wicking ability. This transfers sweat quickly from your body onto the fabric surface where it evaporates.

- Quick drying
- Does not need iron, but is resistant to wrinkles
- Fadeproof, resistive to damage
- Ideal for outdoor/sports activities
- Ability to wick moisture

- Not as soft or comfortable as cotton
- Product buildup can cause odour retention

It is also useful to know that Dri Fit comes in a variety of textures. They can be used for casual outings, sport, or fashion.

Why choose Dri Fit custom shirts?

We recommend Dri Fit Material if the shirt is to be worn outdoors or for sweating. Dri Fit Custom shirts are a popular choice for intensive and sports activities, as well as outdoor events and activities.

Here you will find all the Dri Fit custom shirts we have.

Care for your Dri Fit Custom shirts - The following are our recommendations:

1. Your T-Shirt should be turned inside out. The reason is that bacteria can build up inside your T-Shirts, causing bad odours. The bacteria can be turned inside-out to allow detergent and water to get closer to the source.
2. Odours can be amplified by using normal water at high heat. Dri Fit material is quick drying.

These care tips are a guideline only. Not all clothes follow the same fabric care rules. Some may need special laundry services such as dry clean or hand wash.
If in doubt, make sure you check the care label.

Is Dri Fit or Cotton Better?

The same material might feel different for everyone. It is important to consider the purpose, frequency and objective of your use before you purchase. We are happy to help you if you have any questions.